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Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning procedure that our dentist may recommend for patients who are struggling with gum disease. This periodontal procedure can help eliminate the infection of gum disease. We are pleased to offer you information on the purpose of scaling and root planing and how it is performed to treat gum infection.

Gums that are healthy will fit against the teeth snugly, but when gum disease develops, it causes the gums to pull away from the teeth and create hazardous periodontal pockets. During a visit with Dr. Maung Maung Ryan Thaw, he can measure the depth of the pockets to determine if they require a deep cleaning procedure to prevent worsened infection.

The process of scaling is similar to that of a routine dental cleaning. Our team cleans away tartar and plaque from any tooth surface above or under your gum line by using a special metal tool to scrape it away.

Then, we perform the root planing process, where we clean the tooth roots of any plaque and tartar before smoothing out any rough spots around the roots that could otherwise allow bacteria to reattach to the roots. Root planing also provides a smooth, clean surface for the gums to encourage them to reattach. The overall process typically lasts an hour or two.

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