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Are you familiar with the dangers of bruxism? If not, then please read here! Bruxism is a dental condition that can be treated with proper help. Our dentist, Dr. Maung Maung Ryan Thaw with Dixon Landing Family Dental Care in Milpitas, California, is happy to help you learn more about bruxism, so you know when to get the help you need.

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is an oral health condition that causes your teeth to grind or clench as you sleep. Most people are not aware they suffer from this condition unless they are told so by another person. This condition needs treatment because bruxism can cause you to wear down your tooth enamel exposing the nerves or produce teeth sensitivity.

Other symptoms of bruxism include pain in your jaw, face, or ears. This condition can cause headaches or difficulty sleeping. This condition can also lead to a locked jaw, which is a condition that prevents you from opening or closing your jaw altogether, making it hard or impossible to eat or talk. That is why seeking help is essential with those who have bruxism.

If you have any of these symptoms, please call 408-942-7791 today. Our dental staff is equipped to help you with bruxism and discuss many options that can help you.