Most children follow a similar developmental timeline when their primary (baby) teeth begin to erupt. We strongly encourage you to help your child care for their baby teeth properly, as these teeth help facilitate speech, proper jaw development, good chewing habits, and the spacing and alignment of the adult teeth. If you have questions about your child’s tooth eruption in Milpitas, California, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maung Maung Ryan Thaw, please call Dixon Landing Family Dental Care today at 408-942-7791 .

The first primary teeth typically erupt between the time your child is 6 months and 1 year old. By age 3, most child have a “full” set of 20 primary teeth. We recommended that you schedule a “well-baby” appointment with a dentist about 6 months after the first tooth erupts, or by their first birthday.

Generally, the first teeth to emerge are the central incisors on both the upper and lower jaws (the very front teeth). You may clean these teeth gently with a soft, clean cloth. The lateral incisors emerge next, followed by the first molars. The eruption of molars can be painful, and you may want to use cool gauze or teething rings during this stage to soothe discomfort and soreness. The canine teeth are usually the next teeth to erupt, followed by the second molars.

Your child will typically lose their baby teeth in the same order in which the teeth erupted – the central incisors, followed by the lateral incisors, first molars, canines, and second molars.

Remember that not every child will follow this schedule. There may be months with no new tooth eruption, and months where two or more teeth emerge.

For more information about tooth eruption, and to make an appointment with our friendly dentist, please contact our office today.