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If you chip or even break a tooth, the dentist can take care of the problem. Before you make the trip to our office, it may help to try a few things to help ease discomfort and safeguard the poor tooth.

– The missing pieces of your tooth may be helpful in restoring it. If you can collect them and rinse them off, you can bring them to our office. However, we can still restore the tooth without them, so you need not be worried if you cannot find them.
– To help clean out your mouth, you can rinse it with some warm water.
– If the tooth is bleeding, you can use some gauze to minimize or stop it.
– A cold compress can help deal with swelling and discomfort as well.
– If it will take time before we can see you or you can reach us, you can apply some dental cement to the tooth. Dental cement can keep the tooth safe from infection by coating it completely.

Once you arrive at Dixon Landing Family Dental Care, Dr. Maung Maung Ryan Thaw and our team can handle things from there. We are happy to serve those living in or passing through the Milpitas, California, area. If you ever need us, you can call 408-942-7791 , and we will do all we can to help you.